All is Good

Hello, my friends! Just a quick update. Things have been shifting around rather quickly. I attempted to add some voice/audio to this post but the levels were terrible. I’ve been out of the game a little too long. Lately, I’ve been working on landscaping, water coloring, and fabric upcycling. Attempting to readjust my space has […]

A mountain of yarn

I’ve recently come upon a massive yarn haul. Working on useful projects and trying to get creative with this amazing collection. From hanging planter baskets to shawls and handbags. I’m loving being able to yarn anywhere and everywhere. While constantly searching for more project ideas, I usually choose the ones that appear simple and useful. […]

Good Morrow

Stepped back in time a little bit and went to the pleasure faire. Worked on this awesome costume for a week or so. What a great collection of creatives we came across on this unforgettable day.


We made soap. I had been looking for some natural soap since lately, certain chemicals or ingredients hit differently. This way, we could also be sure of what we are putting on the skin and really customize it. After going to a craft fair, I picked up some honey oatmeal soap, we tried it and […]

Out Now

It’s been a long year. I really wasn’t sure what this day was going to look like, but I set out on this mission and here it is. There were no promotions, there weren’t many mentions about it at all. We are simply going to start from here. There is love in every note and […]

Welcome my friends

I hope you enjoy the next ventures of artwork that will be created. For today, I hope you are taking nice, long deep breaths and releasing any stress you may have. Let all the negativity go because it is not good for anyone. We will be moving forward.