We made soap. I had been looking for some natural soap since lately, certain chemicals or ingredients hit differently. This way, we could also be sure of what we are putting on the skin and really customize it.

After going to a craft fair, I picked up some honey oatmeal soap, we tried it and fell in love. This particular bar was vegan made with lye but didn’t want to wait up to 4 weeks for soap. I decided to use the goat’s milk method. We added oats, honey, turmeric, and tangerine/vanilla essential oils. So, because I don’t have a double boiler and I may have tried to boil the whole 2 pounds at once, the top kept cooling and getting hard before it could melt. A new double boiler is on my wishlist. Anyway, I cooled it in the mold, and the next day, pulled it all out and chopped it up into not-so-symmetrical bars. Wrapped my little bars in plastic wrap and if each bar lasts a week or two, I’ll have a couple of months of soap.